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Ok, alright, alright. First cycle was aiight. you know? it was sweet to see Marty from the shins and i mean the final two were both good, even though we all know shannon should have won, but whatever. Then cycle two, and a goddess or an angel SWOOPED down from heaven to bask us all in her glory, easily defeating her competition to become the winner of cycle two. EVA!? cycle three was a let down from the get go, but EVA!? i mean... she was just boring! Her campaign was awful, might i add. And last night (well, wednesday but i only watched it last night) was the clincher; NAIMA!?!? what the EFF BRAH! Kahlan HAD the better high fashion look. I agree that Naima had a good retail look, but i thought this show was about HIGH FASHION. Tyra is just jealous because she can't EVER work high fashion again. Point is, Cycle five has to REALLY up the ante or i am OUT!

who am i kidding? best show on tv!

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