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On Tour Now With Rob Zombie!!!!!

Devil Woman
When you walk the Scarecrow's walk
By the light of the crescent moon
Devil Woman
It's three in the morning
And you're howling at the moon

The maggot scrapped hole
of sin and wine
is filled to the brim
with sage and thyme

devil Woman
Burning Effigy
Of love once lost and now gone for good
devil woman

honestly, best band ever!
Tags: devil womannnnnnnnn
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it's like they know me.
"The maggot scrapped hole"
amazing line. i love that imagery.
reminds me of home!
I would say the best part of the song was the giggle interludes, it made the song as dark as a 1,000,000 bats wings


September 19 2005, 04:09:38 UTC 12 years ago

i found devil woman